Core Projects

On any given day, anywhere in the world, Corpac's products are helping build the future. From oil and gas pipelines, to ports, tunnels, offshore structures and rigs, bridges and water mains, the myriad of applications our customers give to our products touch the lives of millions every day. Corpac takes pride in its part in making the world a better place. We thrive on the challenge, and appreciate the role we play in enabling our customers to construct those structures, utilities and pipelines that we sometimes take for granted.

Respecting and protecting our customer’s projects and privacy has been vital to our business since inception. With that in mind, we share with you some highlights of Core Projects we have supplied. Additional technical or project details are available upon request pursuant to our client privacy policy and requirements.

We are proud to share with you some core projects we have supplied. 


  • API 5L X42 through X70 Pipelines throughout the Continent.
  • CPG-Cactus- Large OD API 5L X60 for Sour Gas Service
  • 20" o/d X 0.312" w/t API 5L X65 Beaumont Pipeline (USA)
  • Just-in-Time Supply Contract OCTG Canadian company
  • US Dept of Energy Strategic Oil Reserve Program- API 5L X60 in multiple sizes
  • 30,000 Tons 14" o/d X 0.344"/0.375"/0.500" API 5L X65, ERW, 3LPE, Regional Pipeline
  • 36" o/d X 0.820" w/t API 5L X65 PSL 2 Pipeline (USA)
  • 14,000 Tons 20" o/d X 0.438" and 30" o/d X 0.625" w/t API 5L X60 PSL2, SAW, 3LPE Gas Pipeline.
  • 10,000 Tons 16" o/d X 0.688" - 0.938" API 5L X70 PSL 2, SAW, 3LPE
  • Just-in-Time Contract OCTG Multinational NOC
  • Gulf of Mexico Multiple Offshore Structure Projects
  • 12,000 Tons 12-3/4" o/d X 0.250" - 0.500" API 5L X60, ERW, 3LPE, Regional Pipeline
  • LaSalle Pipeline (USA, TX)
  • 10,000 Tons 18" o/d X 0.812"/0.938" API 5L X70 PSL 2, SAW, 3LPE
  • 30" o/d x 0.875" w/t API 5L X65 SAW Double Jointed & Coated Mississippi River Pipeline (USA)
  • 90,000 Ton Cross Country Pipeline Project 42" o/d X 0.688" API 5L X70 PSL 2, SAW, 3LPE


  • Cape Wind Test Tower (USA)
  • Angostura Hydroeletric Project (Costa Rica)
  • Miravalles Geothermal Project (Costa Rica)
  • Rosarito Power Plant (Mexico)


  • Water Mains Infrastructure Project (Costa Rica)
  • Bonneville Fish Bypass (USA)
  • Charleston Pipeline (USA)


  • Fish Pipeline for World's largest fishmeal producer
  • Stainless Steel Supply for Major Refinery in So. America
  • Mineral Pipelines (mineroducto) in So. America


  • Bridges (Costa Rica)
  • Cristobal B-10 Berth (Panama)
  • 17th St. Bridge  (Ft Lauderdale, USA)
  • Kuparuk River Bridge (Alaska, USA)
  • Big Dig Multiple Tunnels (Boston, MA)
  • Brightman Street Bridge (Falls River, MA)
  • Charles River Tunnel (USA)
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge (USA)
  • Columbia Heights Tunnel Station (Washington, USA)
  • Park Road Tunnel (USA)
  • Route 29 (USA)
  • San Francisco to Oakland Bay Bridge (USA)
  • St. Elizabeth Tunnel (USA)
  • Venetian Causeway (Miami, USA)
  • West Palm Beach Bridge (USA)
  • Petworth  Tunnel Station (Washington, USA)
  • Rio Piedras Tunnel Station (Puerto Rico, USA)


  • Pier D Naval Station in Bremerton (USA)
  • Tortola Port (BVI)
  • Puerto Coronel (Chile)
  • Puntarenas Cruise Ship Port (Costa Rica)
  • Moin Container and Banana Port Terminal (Costa Rica)
  • Jacme Port (Haiti)
  • Ashdod Port (Israel)
  • Cruise Ship Port of St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  • Port of Miami Cargo and Cruise ship Terminals (USA)
  • Puerto Nuevo Seawall (Puerto Rico, USA)
  • JFK Airport (New York, USA)
  • Tempisque 780 meter long Hybrid Bridge (Costa Rica)
  • LNG Plant (USA)
  • Altamira LNG Plant (Mexico)
  • Hurricane Katrina Reconstruction Project (USA)
  • High Tech Retaining Wall for Sinkhole (Orlando, USA)
  • Whitehall Ferry Terminal Lower Manhattan (USA)


  • Cell phone tower structures (Caribbean)
  • Cell phone tower structures (South America)
  • Cell phone tower structures (USA)


We actively supply Distributors and Wholesalers across the globe

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America