About Us

About Corpac Group

Corpac Group is a global holding entity that operates world-class, vertically integrated business units in the steel production, distribution and services markets. Our divisions include: Corpac® Industrial, Corpac® Services, Corpac® Distribution and Corpac® Ventures.

These divisions operate independently, and execute uniquely tailored strategies characterized by their organizational agility, creativity, integrity, customer perspective-taking and cross-functionality to serve our global customers at every stage in the supply chain.

Throughout the industry, the Corpac® name is synonymous with Trust, Reliability and Confidence, as proven through the delivery of products and services that are well above the industry's standards. Our customers all have a part in building the modern world, and we take great pride in facilitating, enabling and accelerating that development. We make their competitive advantage our priority.

Our Mission 

Collective Competition - Shared core values bind the Corpac Group companies together, as each business unit operates and competes independently on the global stage.

Independent Impact - Each of our specialty groups is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Collaborative Force - Cross-functionality allows us to share expertise, relationships, logistics capabilities and quality systems that together provide unparalleled capabilities for customers worldwide.


  • Quality: Our commitment to world-class quality is embedded in our culture, and proven by third-party certifications. 
  • People: We value our people and their experience and diversity. We are committed to teamwork and ongoing development.
  • Customer Service: We relentlessly pursue and deliver superior service to meet our customers’ expectations via a combination of products and services that are well above the industry's standards.
  • Innovation: We are groundbreakers in our global industry, committed to continuous improvement and innovation in every facet of our operation.
  • Reliability: We earn trust by consistently delivering on our commitments, which includes meeting the unforeseen or unexpected with an unwavering determination to make it right.

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